Chinese technology: All you need to know at an innovation event in Shanghai

From March 8th to 11th, the Appliance & electronics World Expo (AWE) took place in Shanghai. Being one of the most lively shows of the field, AWE displayed a wide array of trend-setting innovative products from sectors like home appliances, consumer electronics, smart hardware and artificial intelligence.

Technological innovations bring to life home appliances

The visitors had the opportunity to inform themselves about the supply-side reform of China’s home appliance and consumer electronics industry. Developments on Artificial Intelligence, mobile internet, Internet of Things, Big Data and cloud computing were the most interesting parts of the exhibition, proving that the potentials for home appliances are significant.

What someone could notice at the exhibition halls was that innovation was a driving force behind every appliance, system or device. For instance, smart washing machines showed how fast the cleaning process can be with direct drive motors and the contribution of IoT. Moreover, someone could view a package of kitchen appliances including a hood with high suction power and a professional cleaning system for kitchen use. These and numerous other examples were part of the exhibition to show all the developments of the Chinese market.

Quality becomes a priority for the Chinese industry

Are China’s home appliances changing from function-oriented to quality-oriented? As China’s consumption upgrading trend indicates, consumers’ attention is focused more and more on how their quality of life can be improved through home appliances. China’s home appliance market enters an era that is driven by efficiency and innovation rather than resource and scale. Consumption upgrade is improving China’s home appliance industry.

Along with the trend of consumption upgrading, China’s home appliance industry steps up its efforts in product development, brand building, channel expansion as well as consumer experience elevating. Through cross-boundary cooperation, partnership and overseas acquisitions and mergers, leading industries strengthen their comprehensive capabilities in order to meet people’s demand for better lives. 

Source: Jia Dongsheng from China Market Monitor